REDucing our carbon footprint

Roofco designed and created custom software

By  creating our own software to minimize travel between estimates and use less fuel we are able to spend more quaility time with our customers, we have made this software avaialable to other contractors aswell.

Estimates are satellite measured

By having our estimates measured by satellite we spend less time travelling, less fuel consumption and our customers are assured their estimates are 100% correct to the sq cm and not measured by others best guess style of estimate.

Estimates are electronic and web based

By developing our estimates digitally, we are not only able to go paperless at our office but we are able to have each customer have their own link to our website with their own personalized estimate that is avaailable to them 24/7 and always on file.

Electric trucks for our Fleet

Roofco has pre-ordered the new Havelaar Bison pickups for our company vehicles thus reducing all emissions and fuel usage. Havelaar's Bison is a first of it's kind all-electric pickup truck capable of travelling over 300 Kms on a single charge.Inspired by nature,the Bison offers the same controlled power and graceful endurance of its namesake.

Roofco has introduced Solarise Solar division

With every solar system estimate,Roofco also provides you with a complete roof inspection to determine the condition of your shingles or tin roof.We are the only licensed roofer in Winnipeg offering solar installation which gives the customer the security that all staff at their property are safety certified to be on their roof along with fall arrest training,and full WCB.Visit us at Solarise for your free estimate.

We Recycle all your old roofing materials

We reduce the negative impact on the enviornment byusing RAS,Recycled asphalt shingles,in new products instead of virgin materials.This drastically reduces the negative impact of dumping old shingles in landfills and also the waste that is associated with the extraction and transportation.Bottom line,we save the environment and lower the cost to manufactures and consumers.

Roofco uses a disposal company for waste

By using Absolute bins as our disposal company, they are able to carry much larger loads to the recycling depo thus reducing the many trips it takes the regular roofing trailers used by roofing companies,again reducing travel,fuel and man hours.

With quailified purchases we include a free Nest

To help everyone do their part, on all 4 point roofing installs and Solar Systems Roofco / Solarise includes a brand new Nest thermostat.

It is the 3rd generation learning thermostat, i's smaller and sleeker with a bigger, sharper display.And it saves energy.That's the most beautiful part

All our offices and employee homes have switched to led lighting

 LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in Canada.  Residential LEDs -- especially ENERGY STAR rated products -- use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.